We are here, Puerto Rico

Since the founding of our organization, the team has been to Puerto Rico twice, and we have sent 4 containers full of supplies to the island.  These supplies were donated by local organizations and restaurants that have been collecting since Hurricane Maria hit.

A total of 166,000 pounds of supplies were sent to Puerto Rico from November to January. With $2.50 per pound, that equates to $66,400 worth of donations that were sent to the people of Puerto Rico.

These supplies were distributed among 8 key churches that were in charge of redistributing the donations to around 75 churches in the island.  These key churches are:

  • Casa Jubilo – San Juan
  • Iglesia Pentecostal Jesucristo  – Arroyo
  • Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal – Patilla
  • Iglesia Pentecostal Rehoboth – Guayama
  • Iglesia Shaddai – Naguabo
  • Centro Cristiano Fruto de La Vid – Gurabo
  • Iglesia Gozen – Caguas
  • Centro Ciudad Refugio – Naguabo

Four months after the Hurricane Maria hit the island, there are still many people waiting for assistance to rebuild the place they call home.  As the economy struggles and continues to threaten many jobs, we have been able to provide some relief to many Puerto Ricans who, despite their situation, always receive us with a grateful smile and an open heart.


Puerto Ricans in Florida

Since Hurricane Maria hit, more than 280,000 Puerto Ricans have fled to Florida looking for a break from the chaos, some staying with friends or families, and others taking the risk of leaving everything behind and starting a new life.

Several churches from Orlando have contacted us seeking help as many of these Puerto Ricans are looking for assistance as they try to rebuild their lives.  Our organization connected with these churches and, like we did for Puerto Rico, we also sent 4 containers of supplies with a total of 166,000 pounds to Florida.  The supplies were distributed among these churches:

  • Ministerio DVC – Tampa
  • Iglesia Casa de Amor y Fe –  Lakeland
  • Ministerios Fortaleza – Orlando
  • Iglesia Trayendo Esperanza – Lakeland
  • Iglesia Fruto de la Vid – Kissime

Puerto Ricans are facing challenges whether they find themselves on the island or in the States. Contigo Puerto Rico wants to make sure our help extends to as many unique struggles as possible.