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Gifts from the Three Kings

Traditionally in Puerto Rico, the Three Wise Kings visit the homes of Puerto Rican children and leave them a gift to commemorate their adoration of baby Jesus.  On the morning of January 6th, the children in Puerto Rico wake up to gifts and celebrate the joy of giving with their families.

After Hurricane Maria, many families struggled to meet basic needs, and the idea of celebrating this tradition was dissipating.  In December, Contigo Puerto Rico conducted a toy drive to collect toys and deliver them to kids in Puerto Rico.  Organizations like Mark Carroll and Friends donated hundreds of toys to the drive, and thanks to all the donations we were able to collect over 1,000 toys.

The first group of toys was given to local kids in Georgia during a Three Kings event, celebrated at Marietta Theater in the Square and dedicated to Puerto Rican family refugees. All remaining toys were then sent to Puerto Rico via Delta Airlines. On January 9th, toys were distributed to 109 children in the Traditional Event of Three Kings in Juana Diaz.

Additional toys were distributed to one of the most affected areas in the island, the city of Moca.  Even as some of these toys came after the traditional Three Kings Celebration, the smiles of the kids were very rewarding for our group to experience.

The organizer of the event in Juana Diaz, Dra. Waleska Torres Gutierrez shared her joy with us and expressed her gratitude with these words: “Thanks to Contigo Puerto Rico, the event served as an oasis during difficult times, bringing joy and capturing the smiles of all the kids.”



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